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Troubleshooting Guide

If you are experiencing any problems making and printing your bookmark with Lamcraft Digital Memories, there may be a few issues that are covered in this Guide that could help resolve your specific problem. You may wish to try some of these solutions before calling for Tech Support.


Lamcraft Digital Memories was designed to use with the Google CHROME browser. You may try other browsers such as Firefox or Safari, but you may not achieve the best results.

If you are using Chrome and having issues creating a bookmark or loading a previous project, there may have been an update to the site and you need to clear the cache.

  1. While in Chrome, look for the 3 dots at the upper right of the window. Click and select “Clear Browsing Data…”
  2. This window will appear:
    Clear Data
  3. Select “Basic” menu, and in Time range choose: “All time.”
  4. Check Cookies and other site data (keep in mind that this may sign you out of other sites you log into regularly) and Cached images and files.
  5. Click on the “Clear data” box.
  6. Close Chrome and reopen Lamcraft Digital Memories.

Hopefully this will have cleared up the issues you were having.


Images must be either in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format. They must be smaller than 4 MB in file size. If your image does not comply with these requirements, you may get the message, “There was an error in uploading your image.” Or, a pop-up box may show that the image is loading, but it takes a very long time to do so and may time out without uploading the image.

First, make sure your image is correctly sized and in the right format. Many photos taken by cell phones may be too large to use unless their file size is reduced. If you have the ability, resize the photo and re-save it as a lower resolution jpeg or PNG file and try again. For PCs, you can try to resize your image with MS Paint. For Macintosh, use Preview or Photoshop.

If you cannot size the image with these programs, you will open the photo on your computer screen and make a “Screen Capture” and save it to upload.

In Windows, open the Snipping tool. If you don’t have the Snipping Tool installed, go the lower left of the screen and click on the Start Windows icon. Search for “snip,” then when the Snipping Tool appears, right-click and select “Pin to Taskbar.”
Then, go back to the photo on your screen, click on the Snipping Tool, choose your option, and drag from the top left corner of the photo to the bottom right. Then save the image. Now, try uploading the new image screenshot you just saved.

On a Mac, use the application Screenshot. This will allow you to capture a selection of your screen. This screenshot then may be used to upload to Digital Memories.
If you are on an older Mac, press Command + Shift + 3 (at the same time) and look at the lower right of the screen; the screen capture will be there. Click on that to enlarge it, then click Command + Shift + 4. Drag the mouse from the top left corner to the bottom right to crop the image, then click. Find the screenshot on your computer and rename it. Now try uploading the new screenshot.


First of all, always print on plain paper before printing to your Micro-Perforated sheets. This will allow you to see if everything looks centered and is appearing as you want it.

If the text and image(s) are not centered correctly, you will need to adjust your settings.

If you are printing directly from Chrome, make sure your Margins are set to “None.” And Scale is set to “Default.”
Print Dialog

If you decided to make a PDF and print from it, make sure your Margins are set to “None.” It is important that you make sure the settings are to print at actual size. Do not select “Size to Fit.” Also, you don’t want headers and footers to print, and no background graphics.

Printers vary in how they handle paper feeds, and you will need to determine whether it would be best for you to print just one side of the bookmark at a time, or if you have the capability to print both sides and the printer will handle that for you. Printers are very different and it is not possible for us to know the set-up for each one. If you are still experiencing printing problems, you can call us during business hours at 1-888-540-7770 and we will do our best to work through the issue with you.


If you look at the Print Preview and you don’t see the last change you made, or an image is not loading, you may have lost the internet connection while the project was processing. Go back to your project and make a change, like a typeface change, or upload an image and look at the small yellow box at the upper right.

It should say, “Saved” with the current time stamp when you were working. If it doesn’t, it may tell you that you have lost internet connection and to save again. If this is not possible, you have two things to try:

• Go to the menu at the top of Chrome and select “Tab”, click on “Duplicate Tab.” This will open a new tab to the right that is a duplicate of the same page. This allows you to keep the original bookmark on the first tab. Most of the time this also resets your log-in if you have been logged out or lost internet connection. 
• Refresh the page in Chrome.