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Printing Your Custom Bookmark(s)

There are two ways to print on our Micro-Perf sheets after you design your bookmark or prayer card. The default set-up is to print the SAME layout design (project) on all four positions (or 2 or 3 for bookmarks, or 8 for the prayer card).

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO PRINT THE SAME DESIGN on all positions, you will click on the yellow button, “Start Another Project.” This will allow you create more projects and save them. However, you will need to choose the SAME background for each new project, so that you can print different projects on the same Micro-Perf Sheet. This option is discussed in more detail near the end of this page.

Start another project

IF YOU ARE READY TO PRINT WITH ALL POSITIONS SHOWING IDENTICAL LAYOUTS, click on the yellow button “Proof, Print, and Download.” You will see a screen similar to the one shown below:

Beginning to print

Please read the instructions on the left side, ON BOTH TABS. The instructions will help you either select another project to make more than one design per sheet, or simply print the same design on all four positions.

For now, we will print the SAME design on all four positions of our Micro-Perf. So, we click on “Instructions” as shown in the picture above.

Printing instructions

As you can see, the printing instructions are quite extensive. Since printers vary in pre-set borders and page setups, it is important that you follow the instructions carefully to get the best results.

There are two ways to print. One is directly from the web browser you are using (like Microsoft Explorer or Google Chrome) or you will create a PDF that you will print from.

We suggest creating a PDF in these circumstances: 1) You would like to email a proof copy to someone before printing. 2) You would like to print from a different computer that doesn’t have access to the internet. 3) You have tried to print from your web browser but the results were not satisfactory due to mis-aligned borders or other issues. Printing a PDF may give you more printing options.


If you wish to print on Micro-Perfs with more than one design layout:

Different designs on a Micro-Perf

Follow the instructions on the “Modify Layout” tab. The above example shows you two different designs on one Micro-Perf. When the final layout is printed, the correct back(s) will print on the reverse side of the front(s).